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Celebrate the power of theatre when you host or attend one of our performances. As our troupe continues to grow throughout the Washington, D.C., area, we are excited about our upcoming creative and dynamic theatre productions and events. Become a part of theatre magic with the help of our performance arts training. With our help, you gain the poise, stage presence, and ability to engage your audience with ease. Ebeyana has spent her career in all aspects of theatre and event production and performance. She has written and directed over 20 theatre performances. She also teaches acting for theatre, TV, and film.

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Proudly Serving Audiences Locally in the Washington D.C. Metro Area, Virginia, and the US.

About Us

Add some culture to your everyday life when you attend performances put on by our theatre company. At Ebeyana Studio theatre, we invite you to immerse yourself in modern retellings of age-old stories and embrace the messages that resonate with you. From live comedy to dramatic interpretations, our troupe is composed of versatile and inspired storytellers across all mediums.

At our theatre studio, we are proud to offer you not only a wide range of performance productions that tie together the classic themes and genres with a variety of music and dance styles for a truly one-of-a-kind theatre experience. Additionally we offer classes to adults interested in breathing life into their stories and giving their creativity a home.

Our cultural events are wonderful compliments to special occasions and meetings hosted by your local theatre, schools, and cultural centers. Because each performance is tailored to our audiences, we bring our productions to all types of venues. Elevate the spirit of your next event with stunning storytelling by our performers.


We have a host of original productions to choose from while developing new shows on a regular basis. We break tradition by customizing shows to fit your personal theme. Our theatre shows include: Drama, mystery, comedy, dramatic dance,music and gospel theatre set to themes associated with current and historical events. Each show of theatrical art may be filled with any combination of musical sounds from pop, blues, jazz, clasical, gospel, rap, soul, and African heritage. Each original production is composed to entertain and project meaningful life changing artistic messages. 

Ebeyana and her dynamic, talented, star bound cast look forward to presenting performing arts in your community and live theaters around the world. It is a delightful pleasure to have the opportunity to serve in such a capacity as Performing Arts. The stage is set, the lights are dim, the sound is bumping, the dance is tight, the actors are ready, the time is right!





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